The MEDUSA database contains information collected by scientists around the Mediterranean region supplemented by information from the scientific literature. The project is coordinated and the database assembled at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Greece with financial support from CIHEAM and the European Union AIDCO.  Although considerable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of information it contains, neither the Institute nor the contributors accept any liability for the contents of the database.  Before using it please take time to read this notice.

 Where possible supporting references have been cited but the database also contains ‘traditional’ information transferred by word of mouth and reflecting generations of traditional popular usage.  The reliability of information contained herein cannot be guaranteed.

 This is particularly important in the fields of medicinal plants and those used by humans as food or food additives. The MEDUSA database is not intended as a resource for self-medication but rather as a basis for further investigation of the scientific bases underpinning traditional uses together with indications where available of the current status of the scientifically based information underlying such uses.

 We have taken great care over the names of the plants in the database, in particular always citing the taxonomic reference source by which the plant has been referenced. Even so, the reader should be aware that identically named plants from different parts of the Mediterranean may not be identical chemically even if they are morphologically similar.  For this reason data purporting to refer to the same species from different countries have not been combined but are retained as individual records.  In many cases chemical constituents have not been compared in plants from all the countries in which the plant is found, and chemical diversity within a species is frequently found even within a narrow geographical region.

 The MEDUSA database is freely available on-line.  If you make use of information from it in a publication, please cite “The Medusa Database ( and references contained therein.”

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